The geographic center of Davidsonville is considered to be the intersection of Route 214 (which travels East-West and is known in Davidsonville as Central Avenue or Central Avenue West) and Route 424 (a North-South byway referred to as Davidsonville Road, with Davidsonville being at the southern end of that stretch). Any person living within the approximately 30-square-mile Davidsonville area as defined here is eligible to become an active member of DACA, with full voting rights and other privileges, including the ability to apply for educational scholarship funds.

The boundaries of the Davidsonville area for membership in DACA are:
  • Follow the Patuxent River south to Stockett’s Run 
  • Follow Stockett’s Run east to Harwood Road  
  • Southeast on Harwood Road to Solomons Island Road (Route 2)  
  • Northeast on Solomons Island Road to Central Avenue (Route 214)  
  • West on Central Avenue to Rolling Road (Withernsea neighborhood)  
  • North on Rolling Road to Beard’s Creek  Across Beard’s Creek and follow postal zip code dividing line to Della Way  
  • Northeast on Della Way to Homewood Road  Northwest on Homewood Road to Riva Road  
  • Northeast (right) on Riva Road to left on Glen Isle Road as far as Broad Stream Lane  
  • Follow Broad Stream Lane to the end, through its cul-de-sac to Flat Creek  
  • West on Riva Road (about 25 yards) to Governor’s Bridge Road, as far as Flat Creek  
  • Follow Flat Creek north to the South River  
  • Follow the shoreline of the South River north to Defense Highway (Route 450)  
  • West on Defense Highway to Bell Branch Southwest on Bell Branch to Bell Branch Road  
  • Northwest on Bell Branch Road to Davidsonville Road (Route 424)  
  • South on Davidsonville Road to Gershner’s Farm Road  
  • West on Gershner’s Farm Road to Gosheff Farm Lane to the Patuxent River  
  • South on the Patuxent River to Central Avenue 

When a boundary is a street or road, residential properties on both sides of the street are included as within the bounds. Non-residents interested in the activities of DACA may be awarded an associate membership under terms and with privileges determined by the Executive Committee.

Route 214, often referred to as Central Avenue, runs East-West and leads almost directly to the U.S. Capitol building.
Route 424, also known as Davidsonville Road, travels North-South. 

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