Purpose and Limitations

  1. DACA’s scholarship funds must be used for educational training: academic, technical, or professional.
  2. The scholarship is available to individuals for one year at a time.
  3. Scholarship award(s) are made at the discretion of the DACA Board.
  4. Award(s) may be for up to $500 at the discretion of the DACA Board and may depend on the number of applications.
  5. Applicants and grantees may apply annually for an award for a maximum of four consecutive years.


  1. The scholarship applicant must be a member of DACA or be a child of a member who lives in the DACA geographic area, as defined by DACA’s Bylaws.
  2. The applicant must be involved in a community activity within the DACA geographic area and be able to document that involvement (see Requirements).


  1. The application is due by May 1 (or the following Monday if May 1 should fall on a weekend). Applications received after the due date will not be considered.
  2. The applicant must include all of the following information and documentation in writing at the time of their application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

          a. State the intended use of the grant funds.
          b. Provide a letter of acceptance to the school or program for which
              they intend to use the grant funds.
          c. Describe in writing what they have done for their community or   

              how they have participated in community involvement.
          d. Provide a letter of recommendation from an officer of the
​              community organization in which the applicant has been involved.

To apply for funds from this scholarship
Mail your written request and documentation to: DACA

PO Box 222

Davidsonville, MD, 21035

Or you can send your request by email to: info@daca-md.org

Donate to the Scholarship Fund

Davidsonville resident Tom Angelis and the DACA Board invite you to help grow this fund so we can offer more and larger amounts to applicants. To support the fund, make your check in any amount payable to DACA and write “scholarship” in the memo space. (Or donate online via the "scholarship" button on our payments page.)

Davidsonville Area Civic Association Educational Scholarship