​​Board Members

Term through June 2021
Andrew Healy, Phil Livingstone
​Lynn Marano, Melissa Stanton

Term through June 2022 
Christopher Asher, Sean Healy
​Meredith McQuoid-Greason, Cynthia Morgan

Term through June 2023 
Ray Alcorn, Jeff Bishop, Kate Fox, Wayne Reid


During COVID-19
The board is meeting monthly via video conference, usually on an evening during the first week of the month.
Pre (and Post?) COVID-19
The board meets on first Thursday of the month, 8 to 9:30 pm Davidsonville Family Recreation Center
3789 Queen Anne Bridge Road,
Ford Hall

Davidsonville, MD 21035

(Turn left inside the gate and enter the nearest door.)


Terms through June 2021

President: Bruce Stein 

Vice President: H. Edward Woods

Villager Editor/Membership Director: Gail Enright
  Treasurer: Brian Stanton

Recording Secretary: Kate Fox

DACA's monthly board meeting is open to DACA members and guests. Members who want to add a topic to the meeting agenda are asked to submit their request at least 48 hours in advance by sending an email to info@daca-md.org or by completing the form on the Contact Us  page. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the board is meeting via video conference. With suitable notice we can send an invite link to a DACA member who wants to attend the meeting or speak about a topic.

When we are able to meet in person, we ask that members contact us if they wish to attend the meeting. Our conference room is small so we need be make sure we have enough chairs and don't exceed the room's capacity.

Information about the meeting and other community news is reported in DACA's newsletter, The Villager, which is published six times a year. Back issues are posted on this website under the Newsletters tab.

​You can also follow us on Facebook.

The DACA Board is made up of Davidsonville residents who volunteer their time to DACA. 

To contact a board member, use the form on the Contact Us page.

Or send a letter to:
​DACA, P.O. Box 222
Davidsonville, MD 21035

The DACA Board